Figure Drawing Journal, Week 1

blind contour wire reference
Blind contour pencil drawing.

Wire Frame - Blind Contour [Figure Drawing]

Blind contour wireframe, referenced from blind contour pencil drawing.

womens-magazines-instylemagazine girl 1

Magazine Girl 1

LFGF-Cameron-Diaz-Instyle-covermagazine girl 2

Magazine Girl 2

mom and ariel mom and ariel

Mom and cat

DSCN2351 mom pic 2

Mom at restaurant

blind contours

10 Blind contours of people on sticky notes

skull ref 1skull drawing 1

Skull drawing 1

Real skull of human. Isolated. skull 2

Skull drawing 2

tracing of self 1tracing of self 2

Tracings of self showing measurements.

Week 1/Day 1 questions

1. What skills, that are pertinent to figure drawing, do you have with which you feel comfortable?

I’ve gotten pretty decent at drawing from references and combining different elements of references that I like.

2. What aspect of figure drawing do you want to improve?

I would like to improve my drawing of human proportions so that I can then learn how to distort them to create characters that don’t look realistic, yet don’t look off or strange. I would also like to improve my shading skills so that it creates a believable illusion of form without some parts of the shading interrupting it. I would also like to practice varying line thicknesses.

3. How will you use the skills listed in question one to strengthen the areas of weakness?

I will begin focusing more on breaking the body down into basic shapes and try to start looking at figures as a whole rather than just each little part of them.

4. How will you measure your improvement? Be specific.

By looking through my sketchbook from week one to present from time to time.

5. Name a famous painting/sculpture (figure) that has remained in your memory bank. Describe the emotional impact it had on you…why does it haunt you? Discuss the design characteristics, using design language, which you attribute to its impact.

The Birth of Venus is a painting that comes to mind. It sticks out to me because of its sense of elegance and grace and how it tells 3 parts of the story with 3 figures on one panel. It gives me a sense of freedom and safety because of the open sea and sky background and the people coming to aid Venus. Venus is front and center in the painting and both figures on either side of Venus are posed in such a way that their bodies form diagonal lines that point right to Venus’s face. Having Venus leaning slightly to the right and having her hair blow to the right keeps her figure from being too static and creates balance within the painting.

6. Name a figurative artist that you admire, other than the one already discussed. What about their style do you admire and why?

I admire Van Gogh’s work a lot. Something about his use of color is just mesmerizing. It’s very bold and sticks out from the crowd and you can easily get lost in it. The colors are often bright and striking and well-balanced. His pencil drawings are wonderful as well. I recall one of an old man with his head down, and the jagged way the lines were drawn give a sense of age and fragility and experiencing the grief of life.

7. Is there a medium in which you want to improve your skills? What is it?

I would like to improve my skills in watercolor since I’ve seen some neat effects done with it, but I always seem to use too much water or am not able to control where the pigment goes and have trouble creating smooth transitions of values.

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