caricature of self 1 caricature of self 2caricature of self 3 caricature of self 4 caricature of self 5caricature of self 6 caricature of self 7 caricature of self 8

caricature b&wcaricature

I exaggerated my eyes, nose, lips, and chin. I added in the birthmarks on my neck and the wide gap between my middle top teeth because I feel that they are trademark features of mine. I made my eyes wide and bright to show my youth and curiosity. I gave the whole picture a blue-green background to give it a sense of calmness and quietness and because blue is considered an artistic color. I played with the line width and made it thicker in the shadowed areas and thinner in the lighter areas with the light source coming from the upper right corner. I used flat color to make it bright and simple and to give it a somewhat childlike quality. My face is rather round in its features, so I made the cheeks and chin round and chubby in an almost potato-like shape.

caricature v2
My caricature didn’t seem to have enough exaggerated features, so I tried to fix that by enlarging the mouth, eyes, and eyebrows and shrinking the nose. I also added a torso below the neck in order to ground the figure more and so that it wasn’t just a floating head. The way I did the facial features was partly inspired by how Disney styles their girl characters and I often see the beauty in my features so I wanted to accent that.

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