Figure Drawing Journal, Week 3

sticky notessketch 1 sketch 2 sketch 3 sketch 4 sketch 5 sketch 6 sketch 7 sketch 8 sketch 9 sketch 10 sketch 11 sketch 12

Feminine Beauty in different cultures:

Kayan Tribe of Thailand = Beauty is measured by the number of brass rings around their neck. They find the elongated neck beautiful.

Masai of Kenya = lots of ear accessories, stretching the ears; shaving the head and taking out the two front lower teeth.

The Amazon = tattoos and body painting

Japan = white face mask made from Nightingale droppings.

Middle East = women’s bodies are completely covered and beauty is meant to be in the eyes and soul and not physical appearance.

The Maori of New Zealand = tattoos on the lips and chin, blue lips highly desirable

Mauritania = The fatter a woman is, the more desirable and beautiful she is considered.

Mursi tribe of Ethopia = large clay plates inserted in the lower lip, stretching out the lip


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