Rough draft sketches:


5 views rough draft:

rough draft 5 views

5 views colored:

5 views finished

Facial expressions:anger finished sad finished surprise finished

Ideal Beauty Canon:

beauty canon

Write up:

I was inspired to make a dancer type character after seeing the beautiful figure skaters at the Olympics recently. I also wanted to experiment with making her into a Disney-styled female because I have always wanted to incorporate elements of the Disney design style into my work but I have always had trouble with it. With this character, I was really pleased because I think I finally took a step toward that design style while still making it my own a bit.  She is meant to be an enchanted china doll, so she would be designed by the sculptor with ideal proportions. I wanted her to be graceful and in-shape, but not ridiculously thin like women in the media, and since dancers are athletic, I tried to make her muscles just slightly more defined.


One day, a man gave his wife a surprise gift. As she opened the box, she found a small ballerina figure inside. The man explained how he thought the doll looked just like her.

Not long after, they discovered that the little ballerina made of china was enchanted. “Shall I dance for you?” she would often ask them with a smile when they passed by the table on which she was displayed. The answer was always yes, and sh\e would perform a beautiful ballet each time.

However, over time, the man and woman began to argue more and more, and the answer to the little ballerina’s question changed. It became worse and worse until they finally ignored the ballerina altogether and she sat alone on the table, gathering dust. Finally, one day, the woman left the house and never came back. The man came over to the ballerina that night and asked her to dance for him. Glad to finally be of use again, she quickly began dancing her very best for him, twirling and leaping all over the place. As she went in for the big finale, however, she suddenly landed on her foot wrong and collapsed. Her fragile china leg was badly cracked. She begged for the man to help her, but he replied that there was nothing he could do and that it was about time he get rid of her. He couldn’t stand any more painful memories.

Naturally, the ballerina was horrified by this news and desperately tried to escape, but it was no use with her broken leg. She couldn’t climb down from this high table in her condition, and so she was trapped. She finally curled up into a ball and cried.

Then all of a sudden, a beautiful white dove flew in the window and landed beside the doll.

“What is the matter?” the dove cooed.

“Oh, I’m broken and there’s nothing I can do! He said I’ll be thrown out tomorrow!” the little doll sobbed.

“There, there,” the dove said gently, patting the doll with her wing. “Don’t you worry, Dear. Just climb on my back and I’ll take you away from this place for good.”

“You mean it? Oh thank you!” the ballerina exclaimed, wiping her eyes as she very slowly and carefully climbed onto the bird’s back.

“Make sure you hold on tight, dear,” the said as she took off through the window. And with that, the little china ballerina was whisked away to a new life and a new adventure.

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