Figure Drawing Journal Week 7

DSCN2845 DSCN2846 DSCN2847

I have recently gotten over a very tough transition period into college from last semester. I was so stressed out and uncomfortable and isolated last semester that I was actually experiencing very physical symptoms from it that made it nearly impossible for me to even function and do schoolwork properly. This semester, I have opened up to people and made myself more at home in college, and as a result, my way of drawing is finally starting to loosen up and blossom and I have gained more patience with doing my work. I am slowly improving at proportions and anatomy, which I have wanted to do for a long time now. As I continue to refine these skills, I will finally be able to get closer to getting what I picture in my head onto paper. I always have struggled with having so many ideas in my head that I just couldn’t get down onto paper the way wanted them and it has been very frustrating. I have made bigger improvements than I expected so far, and now I want to work on continuing to practice with poses and anatomy so that I eventually won’t always need a reference to draw characters in any pose that I like.

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