“Analogue” – Solo Exhibition by Michael Bosworth

IMG_6597This exhibition by Michael Bosworth, titled “Analogue,” is quite an innovative and unexpectedly delightful display. As you walk in, you notice moving projected images with surprisingly realistic bubble effects added to them. Your first thought is to assume that these water effects are simply complex computer animation overlayed onto photographs.



However, there is no kind of digital animation at work here at all! These are, in fact,  actual displays being projected. Some of the displays are actually projector slides submerged in boiling water, which are then projected onto a wall, while another display involves projecting an image into a fish tank and playing with the reflections of the tank. It is a very unique and innovative approach for a display. The rippling water creates a very calming and peaceful atmosphere.

Michael Bosworth’s intent was to portray the sublime and calm appearance that flood disasters have. Unlike other natural disasters, floods don’t look nearly as horrific as a fire or earthquake disaster. They have a certain calmness and beauty to them that is mysterious. When we see footage of floods on the news, they all look the same to us and somehow captivating.

The displays have more of a warm color scheme, consisting of yellows and oranges, in order to take away the coldness and feel of the water. They are almost like old sepia photographs in this regard. But at the same time, the colors are very muted in saturation, which almost seems to be reminding us that this is supposed to be a tragic event, but the emotion doesn’t become fully realized, as if we are numb to it. He also notes that the more yellowish color scheme was chosen so that it would go of the yellowish color of the lamps on the display.

One display involves a dollhouse that is flooded with Sprite soda, which creates a fascinating effect with all the carbonation bubbles, which stick to the walls and floor and occasionally float upwards. At first, you don’t ever realize that it’s a dollhouse. It fools you into thinking that this is a regular house on a much bigger scale. It’s only when you realize the size of the bubbles in relation to the house, that you realize it’s on a much smaller scale. Personally, the thought of it being a dollhouse didn’t really cross my mind until Mr. Bosworth mentioned it. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the illusions these display create are so hypnotizing and surreal that you don’t really think about how they are made. I personally love the element of water and the calming effect it creates. Flowing water almost seems to wash away negative feelings and leave you in a content state.

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