Skeleton Within (post-critique)

 Before:Finished Venus painting

After:post critique Venus

During the critique, it was suggested that I add more depth to the grass and hills on the right side since the other parts of the painting had more depth to them and the green area just seemed flat. I agreed with this bit of advice and so I went back and looked at the painting and noticed how dark the greens in that area really were. I then went over them with a darker and duller green and added a good variety of lights and darks to it, which turned out well.

People in the critique also commented that they liked the effect that the texture of the Tyvek paper gave the painting and that it felt almost like a stained glass window or something similar. It was an unintentional thing, but I agree that especially in the blue sky portion, the texture of the paper makes it really cool-looking, almost looking like the texture and feel of a marble countertop or something.

Another thing that was suggested was to give more depth to the skull by darkening the eye sockets and nostrils and such. I agreed and so I added that as well after the critique and it definitely gives the skull and face more depth, which previously were a bit too washed over and low contrast.

Another thing that I knew I wanted to do was redefine the bones, since they had become a bit too hard to see after the paint had dried. So I went back in and darkened the bone lines and painted the bones in again, along with adjusting the look of the skin, which was much lighter in the original 1486 painting. It was still very tricky to balance out defining the bones while also making the skin on top of them appear transparent without either element becoming too on top of the other. I think the transparency quality and the visibility of the bones came out better than the first time, though it still isn’t exactly what I would’ve wanted.

I also ended up touching some other little things, along with the colors of the shell. Previously, the colors had been way off from what the original painting had, so this time, I looked at the colors again and attempted to correct them. The shell definitely looks out a lot cleaner than it was, and the colors are closer to the original painting, but it was hard to get the shading values in it, like the original painting has. It doesn’t quite look like how it should, but at least the boldness of the darker colors seems to coincide well with the darkness of the green hills on the right.

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