Bone Book

DSCN3053 edit 2 DSCN3051 edit DSCN3054 DSCN3055 edit

I wanted to make the bones and muscles both visible while being distinct from one another, so I made the bones blue and the muscles red for ease of distinction. I also made the labels for the bones and muscles blue and red respectively to keep the consistency. It would be a lot harder for the eye to move across the page if there were a lot of different colors used for the bones, muscles, and labels. Red and blue are also both primary colors so they go pretty well together. I also made sure that all of the pages followed this same pattern so that they look like they go together.

Doing the bone book also helped me to recognize anatomy better. I found it interesting that certain parts I could almost draw from memory, while other parts I struggled with and had to rely on a lot of references for.

I also made the linear shading pattern of the muscles go in the same direction of the muscle’s form in order to get the feeling of the muscles stretching across the bones. The bones have a very smooth and hard texture to them in real life, so I only did minimal shading on them to give them the sense of how flat and stable they are compared to the muscles. Muscles stretch all over the place, but bones keep their form and stay in their place unless deliberately moved by muscles. Muscles are full of life and movement, and their shapes are more organic so it makes sense that they receive more contrast and values of shading to increase their depth.

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