Creation Story Progress

2 comic concept 1

22 comic concept 1


bristol board comic

I started out with more condensed and framed panels to show how condensed and empty the world was at first when nothing existed, and then once the creator began creating, I had the panels dramatically open up wide to place emphasis on the outburst of creative power in the story, and its power. I used a dramatic worm’s eye perspective when the creator made the little girl to make the creator seem as powerful and intimidating as possible, since a worm’s eye view implies that the person we are looking up at has much more power than we do, and that we are tiny and weak compared to them. This is perfect for a creation story since it emphasizes the feeling that we are mere specks with little power in this universe compared to the creator and everything else in it. I also made sure to use angles in a way that is balanced and guides the view’s eye around the entire page. I used the diagonal direction of the clouds to draw the eye from the top left panels down into the next large panel below it. The dramatic worm’s eye view with the lightning bolts coming at the 4th wall creates a strong vertical line for the viewer’s eye, drawing it down to the very last panel at the bottom. I also made sure to carefully place the dialogue boxes following this method as well. Aside from manga, most people read from top to bottom, and left to right, so I made sure to place the panels as such. The dialogue panels are also a great way of breaking up big expanses of white space that can throw a composition off balance and weaken the composition as a whole by distracting from the other elements.

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