Wood Carving

EDIT full figure

EDIT close up

I carved the cat to be very tall and skinny and go with the grain of the wood. I wanted the sculpture to represent something rather than be abstract like a lot of others were doing. Overall, it came out pretty decent. The one thing that was annoying was that the wood kept splintering off when I tried to do the details of the face and ears. The tips of the ears kept chipping off, so I had to keep filing them down to keep them both the same size and as a result, they turned out much smaller than I had wanted them to be.

My goal was to keep the design very curvy overall, which it succeeded at somewhat, but since the wood block was so skinny, it was difficult to keep the curves with so little material to work with.

The wood was very light-colored and I wanted to heighten the contrast and make it look more like stained and finished wood, so I used watercolors to paint it a wood-like orange color, which turned out alright, though not exactly how I expected it to look.

The head turned out too small because I had trouble keeping the back of the head big enough while still keeping the curve of the cat’s arched back. If I were to redo the whole thing, I would try to bring the head forward more or possibly use a thicker block of wood so that the head could be larger in the back while still being able to accomplish that curve in the cat’s backside.

The tip of the tail also turned out too straight, but the wood seems to have a weird texture in that area that somehow makes it much harder to carve or sand than the rest of the piece. Perhaps I would have better luck with a different piece of wood.

At first, when I was doing the eyes, I was going to do them concurve and sticking out. of the face. However, the wood began to splinter since it’s so soft, so I had to change how I did the eyes and ended up hollowing them out and making them deep concave circles, which actually made them look better since they bring more contrast to the piece and having the darkest area in the eyes draws your gaze to them.

Since the legs turned out so small, the piece can’t stand up on its own, so I stuck small pieces of a kneaded eraser to the bottoms of the feet.

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