Animation III – Project 1 – 3 Bouncing Balls

Ball 1 – Beach Ball

Some feedback that I recieved on Ball 1 was that the beginning arc feels like it is coming off of a bounce off-screen. I do see a bit of what they mean, with how slow the arcing starts out. I had just assumed that it was emulating the way the person off-screen had tossed the ball, but perhaps the movement could be slightly faster at the beginning to show the acceleration as it is being dropped.

Ball 2 – Heavy Ball

There wasn’t much critique offered for this ball that I could make out, but I did get complimented for animating the second bounce the most accurately out of all the others who had used this same reference footage.

Looking back at my animation, I do see a slight error in the arc at the beginning, where it goes just a little too far to the right on one frame. I also think that maybe the first bounce should be a bit higher. I’m not sure if I should have taken out the squash & stretch frames since the ball is so heavy and bounces back up so quickly. I also think the beginning arc should be a bit steeper.

Ball 3 – Softball

In the critique, someone commented that the ball seemed to stick to the ground each time it hit the ground. That was because I put in two frames for the initial impact and then the very subtle squash of gravity catching up to the impact. However, perhaps that waiting after impact isn’t necessary for a hard ball that doesn’t squash much and bounces back up almost instantly.

Another thing that was mentioned was that there was a slight skip in the later bounces. Looking back at the animation, I do agree that the ball speeds up just a tad bit in the last couple bounces when it should be slowing down.

Total time spent on project = 10 hours, 15 minutes

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