Walk Cycle – Computer Animation 3 – Critique Response

Some of the constructive criticism that I received during the critique was that the figure appeared very wobbly and off-balance, which I agree with. I had a lot of trouble getting the balancing right. It was suggested that the whole torso was moving too much and too stiffly and that was what was causing the wobbliness.  This is something I will look into when redoing the walk cycle.

Another comment was that the arms didn’t seem to swing back far enough and were stopping when they reached the torso, which I didn’t notice. I think this may be due to the fact that I adjusted the torso after doing the swinging of the arms. This is another thing that I will be looking into for the redo.

Someone else also pointed out how the knee was locking at certain points. This was something I was aware of, which occurred from adjusting the hips toward the very end of the project. A useful suggestion was that you should adjust the knee arrow controls every time that you move the hips.

It was also pointed out that the feet were bent inward a bit too much and that they seemed a bit twisted at the ankle when they lifted. Personally, I liked how their bent and wobble was exaggerated a bit, but I will look into toning it down so that it doesn’t look like the ankle is twisted.

Someone also mentioned that the neck and head needed to follow the body and bob, which I was aware of.

Another thing that I think I need to adjust is to make the chest move in a figure eight movement like the hips.

It was also pointed out that the hips are supposed to move down with the extended foot, which I did not realize. The movement of the hips was very confusing for me to pin down, even when looking up additional references, but now that I know that what I tried is wrong, I looked at some references again and I think I understand it better now.

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