Computer Animation 3 – Heavy Object Push

Some of the feedback I recieved during the critique was that the feet slide when they shouldn’t, and I agree with this. This was a mistake that occurred from going back and adjusting the stride length. Another comment was that the arms were correct but got out of position at one point when gripping the couch. This was a result of adjusting the hips at the last minute, which ended up affecting the position of the hands on the couch. Another suggestion was to add more facial expressions and neck movement and I agree. I also recieved the comment that the pushing motion of the torso is pretty realistic. People also thought that the animation ended abruptly and could do with a better conclusion, which I also agree with.

Overall, I had a lot of trouble with this assignment and it didn’t turn out quite how I liked, since I ended up wasting too much time getting stuck on small details like making the the size and shape of the armrests to fit the hand grip in the reference footage without it clipping too much, as well as adjusting the angles of the fingers and arms and hands. I also couldn’t get the FK/IK match script to work on the Eleven rig, so I had to match them up manually.

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