Computer Animation 3 – Student Critique #2

Callie Mcintosh – Push and Pull


At the beginning, the leg is the only thing moving and everything else just sticks in place. This could be fixed by moving the keyframes of the leg up to where the rest of the body movement actually starts, or by adding animation to the other parts of the body during the first part of the leg animation. The hands don’t appear to be making contact with the door and it looks more like the character is patting and leaning on the door than actually putting body weight on it. There could also be some animation on the fingers adding some drag when the arm swings. His thumbs twitch back and forth when his hands are up on the door. There’s a jump in the movement of the arms when they move up to touch the door. It’s strange how he places his hands up flat against nothing in the air and then proceeds to have the hands move forward onto the surface and then back again. His whole body needs to lean into the push more. It only moves down slightly and then ends abruptly. The pushing movement should last longer. His arms also stick in place at the very end and don’t settle.

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