Gallery Write-Up – “Paper Moon” – Jesse Ring

“Paper Moon” by Jesse Ring 


This gallery featured many seemingly random still-lifes that all seemed a bit strange and not really connected at first glance. The piece with the statue heads seemed like something from Ancient Greece or Rome after it had been vandalized by invaders.

IMG_2840 IMG_2842

There also a few photographs featured that featured people in animal masks and tribal masks in the woods. They come across as almost realistic, but not quite, like a dream or a movie scene.


Overall, the gallery pieces seemed to feature very earthy neutral tones such as brown, black, and white. It felt almost like a blend of nature and manmade objects. It also felt very ancient and tribal in tone.

The artist said that he was trying to evoke magic-realism and make things look recognizable, but slightly off. He wanted each piece to look almost normal, but then have one element that was a bit off that would add the possibility of narrative. For example, he said the chair piece was supposed to be like a throne, but I interpreted it as a seat that was stuck in a tree branch after a plane crash.

When asked about the gallery’s title “Paper Moon,” he explained that the “Paper” part referred to something having a material quality and that the “Moon” part was a word that created an environment and evoked an atmosphere. Overall, the gallery was definitely very dreamlike in that everything “felt right” even though there was a strange quality to each piece, just like how everything feels normal in a dream and only when you reflect on it later does it start to seem strange.

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