Frame Exercise Critique Response

This is a response to the feedback I received on my Frame Exercise:

  1. He is correct. The Symmetrically Balanced image is actually Assymetrically Balanced. I made a mistake in thinking that having the identical objects on each side would make it symmetrically balanced, but I now realize that symmetrically balanced means that there shouldn’t be a strong focal point on only one side.
  2. He is correct. I didn’t think about the shadow when shooting this though, so I will keep that in mind.
  3. He says that the image draws his gaze away from the subject, which I do see now. Perhaps the subject should have been lighter than the background.
  4. I didn’t realize that the viewer’s eye would jump back and forth between the two subjects, so I will keep this in mind.
  5. He is correct that the image could perhaps be a bit brighter. I also would like to have gotten a more in-focus shot.
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