Frame Exercise Critique

Critique of:

  1. This glare in the bottom right corner distracts me from the subject and keeps drawing my eye there. One side of the metal object is brighter than the other side, so that causes my eye to jump back and forth.
  2. Despite the two balls being drastically different in size, I can’t tell what the main subject is supposed to be. The ball on the left is big and black against the light background and also has many overlapping shadows, so it draws my eye. The other ball is smaller and doesn’t contrast with the light background as much, however, the patterned background behind it is what draws my eye there.
  3. The close-up does not have the appropriate headroom and the top of the head is cut off. It should probably also be zoomed-in more to show less of the shoulders. It also does not quite follow the rule of thirds with the face.
  4. This is not a long-shot. This is a medium shot. A long shot should contain the whole body. This also does not follow the rule of thirds. There is no clear focal point and the subject’s face blends into the color of the background like a chameleon. The subject should be in a different lighting than the background.
  5. The striped lights on the wall guide my eye to the subject and also balance the subject’s weight of gaze. I only wish that the subject was placed a bit farther down and to the left so that the face was in the rule of thirds.
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