First Person Storytelling – Interactive Media

Story: The game takes place in a regular household with a cat who is trying to catch all the mice in the house before the owner comes home. The player plays as the cat and the goal is to catch all the mice and present them to their owner.

Controls: W, A, S, D to move.

Spacebar to jump.

Hold SHIFT while moving to sprint.

Click to pick up object. Click again to place object. Cannot rotate objects because they are picked up by the cat’s mouth.

Right click to scratch.

ENTER/RETURN to hiss. Hissing in close range to a mouse will stun it.

Gameplay: Each room has mice in randomized locations. The cat must catch them all one by one. Once the cat has one in its grasp, it must bring the mouse to the front door mat. Each mouse will be placed here in a pile until all of them have been caught.

If you manage to scratch a mouse, it will leave trail of blood, making it easier to find. However, this will scare off other mice in the room, causing them to run to different rooms.

You can lure mice out with food. You can also pin mice down with certain objects, such as cups or boxes.

You cannot trap mice in a single room by blocking off the exits. The mice are always able to escape, so you must be sneaky.

Climax: Once all the mice have been caught, we then see a cutscene. We hear the door being unlocked and we see the final mouse held horizontally in front of the screen, as if it’s dangling from our mouth. The cat runs with the mouse in its mouth and runs up to the front door and lays the mouse on the mat in front of the door. We see the door start to open and the screen fades to black. In the blackness we hear a meow and then the owner’s voice greeting the cat. Then we hear the owner scream.

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