Interaction Review 1 – Interactive Media

A game that frustates me: Frozen Free Fall

I swipe my finger on the screen and am rewarded with the animation of a gemstone moving almost instantly. If I plan my moves ahead, I am rewarded with it causing a chain reaction of animations if the move is good enough. However, it is frustrating because winning a level is completely reliant on chance and RNG, and you are constantly prompted to pay real money for more chances if you don’t want to wait a certain number of hours to try again. You are forced to use up moves even if you know that they are bad moves that are not helping you reach your objective. It is frustrating because you often know you’ve lost long before you even use up all your moves. You don’t feel like you have complete control even though the game acts like it’s completely your fault if you can’t win a round. It’s like playing a rigged carnival game.

A game I could play forever: Pokémon Omega Ruby

Interaction involes pushing the joystick in the direction you want to move the character or the direction you want to navigate menu options. Moving your finger down to the touchscreen and pressing different icons allows you to bring up different menus. Moving your thumb up and pushing the X key brings up a shortcut menu that allow you to navigate through those same menus without changing your hand position in order to touch the touch screen. The timing between the physical action and the in-game effects is nearly instantaneous, making it feel satisfying. You are rewarded with images on-screen and pleasing sound effects when you push buttons in the right areas. When you use strategy to select the correct options in battle, you are rewarded with animations and on-screen text featuring character dialogue and telling you that you have earned in-game currency. It is pleasing to hear you have earned in-game currency because then you are able to interact with more menus and gain more interactive options for the buttons. Risks and rewards are balanced in a way that the rewards feel like they are worth the risks. Long-term goals are set in-game and you are rewarded for each baby step you take toward them. Certain goals are shorter than others, but there is always an overarching goal that gives you purpose for playing. This game relies on people’s innate desire to be competetive and to feel like they are the best at something.

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