Listening Exercise – Production 1


The faint blue mist that covers most of the picture represents the constant steam sound coming from the grill. The spiked light green flare on the right represents the door’s opening and slamming violently shut. It only happens intermittently, and sometimes it is softer (represented by the more transparent spikes) and other times it a very hard, jarring, pervasive sound that cuts into the scene with large spikes.
The warm red and orange streaks across most of the picture represent people’s voices which are very chaotic and dominating of the whole environment. The yellow at the top represents the constant drone of faint music overhead, which is sometimes washed out by the loudness of people’s voices. (the red) The faint red and orange mists across the scene represent how people’s voices often dominate all the other sounds. The small dark purple squiggles by the thirds of the picture represent the rarer softer occasional sounds of plates and utensils clanging, and odd noises people make.

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