Batik Script – Motion Graphics


Plain white fabric falls onto screen, covering it

Words appear on screen “undyed cotton fabric”

Camera rotates up, see canting tool up above.

Label “canting tool” is floating next to tool, moves with it. View is a worm’s eye view. 

The tool pours hot wax down into the camera. The letters “hot wax” flow down the stream. The camera rotates back downward onto the fabric covered screen as the stream of wax pours into a design on the fabric.

Camera zooms out to show dying bucket below fabric. fabric falls down into bucket. Colored splash makes dye land in front of the bucket that forms the words “dye”

Fabric lifted up, bucket slides to left, fabric stays in center of frame and background moves to right. Clothesline comes onto screen, fabric put onto it.

Words “dry” come through like wind, blowing the fabric.

Camera pans down, fabric falls into container of boiling water.

As fabric is lifted up, the letters “Wax” fall off into the boiling water.

The previous steps of waxing and dying the fabric are shown again, sped up, but this time the dye is a different color and the wax is poured on the negative space of the design.

Examples of textured look of piece (NOT OFFICIAL):

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