Gallery Write-up – Production 2

On April 30, 2016, I attended the gallery “die Schliche Kennen” by Aodi Liang at Alfred University.

The first piece in the gallery was in a separate movie chamber off to the side. The movie playing showed images at the microscopic level while latin words and their translation displayed on the screen, saying things like: “We were lost,” “We struggled,” and “We learned.” It seemed to be telling the story of life and how we all came from the same place and how we are all made of the same elements.

Other pieces in the gallery seemed to all be sequences of some sort. One piece showed gray skylines with a golden shape in the sky as a unifying factor. Another piece showed a bunch of strange patterns mainly using the colors red and gold, and felt traditionally Chinese. A sequence of photos on the wall showed many different street corners using very similar color palettes with gray, a pastel pink, and pastel green. There was also a red piece of paper with golden Chinese writing on it, which could be showing a sequence of writing, or displaying the artist’s culture. To me, it felt like they were trying to say how despite the fact that we have so many different cultures, we are all human. The fact that several different languages are used in this gallery also supports this.

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