Studio 2 – Character Design

ellie-model sheet.png

This is the design of my character Ellie for my animated short. She is based off of my cat of the same name. I created these poses and design based off of photographs of her. Her fur is gray in real life, but a straight-on gray looks boring, especially in such a simple animation, so I tweaked the hue of it to a sort of lavender shade to make it more colorful and interesting while still alluding to the color gray.

The idea for this animation was inspired by the web series “Simon’s Cat,” as well as the personalities of my own cats. I find them highly amusing and wanted to try and show how I see their cartoon-esque personalities in my mind. So far, I have decided not to include the whiskers in my animation because they will look strange from the side when rotating the head and making them look right will be too time-consuming. However, if I have extra time at the end, I might consider adding the extra detail of the whiskers.

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